Hobby-based Learning Groups

At DeutschDecoded, we understand that learning a language through rote learning doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why we encourage all students to take part in activity-based learning sessions.

These activities push you to engage in generative speech: situations in which you cannot rely on parroting previously-memorized phrases, but instead must put together the building blocks you’ve picked up along the way to produce entirely new sentences.

Decode Deutsch Through Your Favorite Hobbies

Activity-based Learning

Learn German through activities and discussions centered around your hobbies and interests, making language learning fun and engaging.

Group Interaction

Improve your speaking and listening skills by interacting with other language learners who share your interests.

Cultural Exploration

Dive deeper into German culture by exploring hobbies and interests common in German-speaking countries.

Flexible Schedule

Join groups at different times to fit your schedule, making language learning more accessible and convenient.

Diverse Topics

Participate in groups focused on a wide range of topics, from sports and cooking to literature and film.

Real-life Application

Apply your language skills in real-life scenarios, enhancing your understanding and fluency in German.

Ready to jump into action?

Let us know what hobby-based learning groups you’d like to join!